Step 2: The Site Visit:

​Examples of recommendations we may make to reduce your energy footprint are:

  • upgrade  your roof insulation
  • install solar powered roof ventilation fans
  • update old and inefficient appliances
  • update your AC and/or heating systems
  • install an energy efficient tankless water heaters
  • retrofit incandescent lighting to high efficiency led lighting
  • replace thermostats with the latest generation smart thermostats
  • replace smoke and carbon monoxide sensors with the latest generation internet connected smart sensors
  • move towards energy independance with a solar electric system
  • for pools – install a solar hot water system and variable speed pool pump
  • for gardens and common spaces, install internet connected smart irrigation controllers tied to local weather stations
  • upgrade windows
  • seal air leaks
  • other energy efficient recommendation we may identify as appropriate for your situation 

Once your installations and upgrades are complete, you can look forward to a greener, smarter, more energy efficient home or business property.  You can also feel confident that you took the right steps toward reducing or eliminating your energy bill.  As your energy partner, our relationship does not end there. Should you have future problems or concerns, we are a phone call away.  And of course, as new technologies become available, further savings in your energy use may be possible.

Step 1: Phone Call:

Step 3: Our Energy Recommendation:

​We will ask you a series of brief questions about your home or business property, your current energy usage, your future plans as they relate to energy use, and what your expectations are for achieving a greener, smarter, and more energy efficient environment.  If you are interested in exploring your options, we will then schedule a site visit with you.

Our Mission

As Your Energy Pros, we go beyond just lowering your energy bills.  Our commitment is to inform and educate you on effective ways to create a healthier and more energy efficient home. or business property

We will advise you about products, technologies and services provided by companies that we recommend, both for their technical expertise and because we know their products and services will complement one another and work efficiently together.

Our goal is to help you take control of your energy costs. Your benefits from working with us as your energy partner include:

  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Added Comfort Throughout
  • Eco-Friendly Home or Business Property
  • Lower Transportation Costs

During the site visit, we will perform a walk-through of your home or business property in order to identify energy saving opportunities that are most appropriate for lowering your energy use.  We will evaluate your mechanical appliances and systems for energy efficiency, and determine available sun access, roof structure, attic and wall insulation, and current electrical system.

​The information we gather during the site visit will be used to create your energy profile and enable us to make recommendations for ways you can save money and resources.  We will recommend appropriate product, technology and service options that are provided by the companies we have researched.

We will keep you updated because you will automatically become a member of our Partnership Program when we complete your energy assessment.

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